Why is exercising good?

Exercising is something everyone needs to do to keep their body healthy. Doctors recommend that we do some type of exercise every single day of the week to keep our body healthy and working normally.

What happens if we do not exercise?

  • Gain Weight
  • Can get high blood pressure
  • Stress on your joints
  • Muscles will shrink
  • It can have effects on your mental health, if you get out of the rhythm of exercising you can have the feeling of never wanting to get moving again.

How do you regulate how much you are exercising?

Doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise 4-7 times a week to maintain a healthy amount of exercise. They do recommend more if you are able to as that will help even more at keeping your body in check. Though you can do to much exercise that can cause issues as well. So you do not want to do that much exercise like 4 hours a day because that can cause different health issues.

There are some ways that you can keep doing exercise and stay healthy with heart issues:

  • Stay paced don’t work too hard at exercising one day but you should still get moving.
  • Don’t exercise if it is to hot, cold, or humid.
  • Take breaks but slow down and do cooldowns before and warm up before the next exercise session.

Should you go to the gym or avoid it?

Gyms are good for people who are determined to go to them. It is also a personal choice if you want to go the a gym or exercise at home. There are no downsides to either option. It also depends on your current health and the machines that are at the gym.

What can you eat or drink during exercise?

Before, after, and during exercising, you should eat very light as you don’t want to throw up what you have eaten before. You should drink regularly throughout exercising so you do not get dehydrated.

You should remember the following:

  • Exercise is good. DO IT!
  • Keep at a good pace don’t over do it.
  • Stay hydrated and eat only a little.
  • If you feel like you are having pain when exercising contact a doctor.
  • Exercise is required to keep our body’s working how they are designed and how we want them to perform, make sure to stay healthy and don’t do something like sit around all day as that will just hurt you later on.