The first topic that I really enjoyed this year was exercise.

I learned facts that most people should know to keep there bodys healthy.

Some include:

Needing 30 minutes of exercise a day.

You always want to get your body moving otherwise it will get out of the habit of getting moving.

You want to set a pace that is good for you.

You go at your speed don’t overdo it and get hurt.


This semester we also covered healthy foods that we should be eating daily.

Even though I am a very picky eater, I did take what we learned to myself and cut down on the bad foods that I was eating.

We learned:

Types of foods that you should avoid

The healthy amount of calories for a day

Food that you want to eat a lot of

Serving Sizes


This chapter I think was very important to cover this sensors. This is because drugs can change someone’s life forever. If you don’t learn about them then there is a bigger risk of being dragged into them.

We learned about:

Types of drugs

The effects of drugs

Future damage caused by drugs

Emotional impacts

Leading causes of death:

This topic I choose to talk about traffic accidents were teens died. This was the second leading cause of death in teens.

I talked about:

How to drive safely

What safety devices you should have in a car

Some safety tips that you should know before driving


One thing that we are having to deal with on a day to day life is stress. Stress is around us all at some point in our lives we learned about:

How to see if you are having stress

Things you can do to relieve stress

Things that you can do to help friends with stress

People you can speak to safely about stress.

Self Esteem:

We also spoke about self esteem. I feel like this was also important because of the self esteem issues we see in today’s world.

We learned about:

What is self esteem

How to deal with bad self esteem

How to help a friend that is having issues with self esteem

Things you can do to improve self esteem


While we are talking about stress and self esteem another thing we went over is anxiety.

We learned about:

How to manage anxiety

How to help friends with anxiety

When does anxiety happen

What are some symptoms of anxiety

In this semester we have gone over so many topics that I can’t add all of them to this article. Let’s focus on one of the main things that I talked about this semester.

We are going to review some of the things I talked about back when I first was talking about exercise. You may want to take some notes on this as we will have a quiz at the end!

How long should you exercise per day?

Well it’s recommended that people exercise at least 30 minutes a day to keep your body healthy.

Though you can do more you want to make sure to have a healthy balance with rest and exercise. You do not want to overdo the amount of exercise and hurt your body.

Should you eat and drink during exercise?

You should stay away from heavy foods and drinks while exercising. This way you don’t throw up your food and drinks.

You should drink some water during exercise to keep yourself from overheating. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO STAY HYDRATED!

How to stay safe during exercising:

You really don’t want to overdo yourself and get hurt.

Before exercising make sure if your at a gym you know how to use the equipment.

If you are running make sure you know the places were there a bumps or holes in the ground so you don’t fall.

Then make sure to hydrate so you don’t fall over and overheat.

  1. Why should we exercise?
  2. How long should we exercise per day?
  3. What should you eat or drink while exercising?

Answer on the worksheet that was given to you. (3+ people will be picked to share)

Please also fill out the survey given on the separate paper.

Files: (This is the presentation version + quiz and survey)