Stress is something everyone experiences at some point. The official definition of stress is “Stress is when you are under to much pressure, overwhelmed, or pushed too far.”.

There is so many types of stress! Some you may not even know. Here is the list we put together:

Emotional Stress- Emotional stress corrodes the joy of life. It can flood your body with adrenaline and cortisol, which can reduce your energy levels and sex drive whilst increasing fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Sleep Deprivation Stress – But if you have a sleep debt then small stresses at work and at home can seem overwhelming

Inflammation-Induced Stress- eating far too much high-salt, high-sugar processed foods like white bread and pasta can stress your body out.

Chemical Stress- Reducing your intake of foods that are full of additives, preservatives and numbers is a great start

Dietary Routine Stress – Skipping meals, avoiding fats, eating carbs without protein and trying diets which are intense and limiting will cause stress to your metabolism.

Physical Stress- Exercise is physical stress, so if you are already overly stressed, working out is just going to add more stress and use up vital nutrients.

There can be many causes of stress some include:

School, Exams, Friends, Family, Homework, Deadlines, Future.

Stress can cause issues some of these include:

Depression, Heartburn, Headaches, Insomnia, High Blood Sugar, High Blood Pressure, Stomach aches.

You may be asking yourself, Why is stress so widespread in today’s world?

There are many issues into days world from politics, to our own family’s. There are also issues with money and jobs that caused mainly issues throughout the world. For teenagers one of the biggest causes of stress is affording collages. As colleges cost so much it is a big stresser for young adults trying to get a education.

Effects on your relationships and family can take a toll.

It can cause many strains and issues in relationships with boyfriend/girlfriends, family, or friends in general or in general. It can make it so you fight more often and you can just gain more stress for fighting with them. Plus when were in relationships we can transfer emotions to the other person and that can cause them stress as well.

Now after reading all of this you may be wondering on how to remove stress from your life well you can do some of the following:

Meditate, Listen to music, Exercise, Do a different activity to take your mind off of it, Relaxing, Sleeping

Now we have reached the end, so how can you avoid stress in the future well….

There is always going to be stress in ours lives. There is no way to completely remove stress from our lives. Though you can keep up the tips we gave you on how to remove stress from your life and that may help in decreasing stress and avoiding it as much as possible.