What 3 things do vitamins do to your body?

  • Heal wounds faster
  • Boost immune system
  • Repair cellular damage

What does vitamin mean?

Outside sources of certain nutrients and organic compounds that are essentially (albeit in small doses) for normal and optimal human growth and development, these are important to be wary of as the body cannot synthesize them itself.

Why might they be bad for you?

Taking lab synthesized multivitamins can often cause side effects due to the vitamins bonding with certain metals, the side effects can include in order of increasing seriousness, tooth staining, increased urination, confusion, cardio-arrhythmia, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Vitamins vs supplements

As opposed to vitamins, supplements are not specific things the body requires from an outside source, but an increase in what is supposedly a beneficial surplus of a dietary need already ( in theory) being met. There is more of a chance to experience one of many side effects which can be skirted if taken safely under the supervision of a medical professional, but on its own represent a big risk of everything from bloating all the way to major organ failure.